Bell unit of wireless doorbells should be sold separately

Since the bell unit of wireless doorbells does not have wired electric connection, increasingly miscreants are robbing the doorbell installed outside the door, especially if the home owner is away for a longer period of time due to personal reasons.
Getting a replacement doorbell remains difficult because many electric shop owners are not stocking wireless doorbells.
Even if the electric hardware store is stocking the wireless doorbell the buyer has to purchase the entire set which is costing more than Rs 500 in most stores. The wireless doorbell usually has one small doorbell module, and one electronic ringer module which is kept inside the house.
The electronic ringer module remains inside the house when the doorbell is robbed. So the doorbell sellers should start selling the doorbell module separately at a lower cost, so that victims of doorbell robbery do not have to waste money,purchasing the entire doorbell set.

Author: admin